The power of zero
Dream big, do good
It will be a success
Mint tea and pastries


The power of 0

The power of zero is the way we started Gaia, being hands on and using our imagination.

It’s another way to do business in which constraints inspire and feed creativity. It is also the mindset we like in the entrepreneurs we support.

Yes, we provide them with the capital they need to grow their companies. But we understand how important it is to keep the creativity, the energy and the imagination they had when they were just starting out in the business. We know what that’s like, and we believe in it.

Dream big, do good

Be the best

We set the bar high and partner with people who do it too.

Stay humble

We constantly call ourselves into question to make sure we stay true to ourselves.

Nothing but the highest ethics

We aim to have a positive impact, on our planet and everyone around us.

It will be a success

We’re optimistic

We build things for the best-case scenario and prepare back-ups for the worst.

We’re committed

We act unreservedly to achieve the best.

We’re spreading positivity

We see the bright side and always look for the silver lining.

We’re tenacious

If things turn sour, we hold tight & work harder.

We’re resilient

When things don’t work out, we start again empowered by our learnings.

Mint tea and pastries

Sharing tea and pastries is a time-honored sign of hospitality shared by cultures around the world.

We enjoy the warm conviviality and the genuine dialogue people have around a cup of tea.

It is in this spirit that we meet our partners, investors and entrepreneurs: openness and generosity.

We like exquisite desserts, and we have the same flair when it comes to finding the most promising companies. And as icing on the cake, you might be offered delicious sweets if you come to see us at our office!